In order to provide a more diverse product line, Asti was acquired by Russell Industries. Russell Industries has been supplying electronic replacement parts since 1966. Asti is proud to join the Russell Industries family of companies. For more information about Russell Industries, visit our website at

Asti specializes in LCD, TV & Monitor flyback transformers, splitters, inverters, transformers, and video boards, DVD and CD optical pickup lenses (laser pickup); and video heads for camcorder, Betacam, Betamax, VHS, S-VHS, HiFi, Time Lapse, etc.


Inverter Boards

Power Supplies


NEW PRODUCTS! We carry a full line of inverter borders. Our website is always being updated, call for more information. NEW PRODUCTS! We carry a full line of power supplies. Call us to find out more. NEW PRODUCTS! Asti now carries a full array of transformers for many of your LCD needs. We are always updating our website, if you don't see a product call and ask.


XBOX & Sony Playstation Pickups

Flyback Transformers

DVD & CD Pickups

We have optical pickups for Microsoft XBOX DVD, both Philips 3141 and Thompson TOP-60.  Playstation 2 KHS-400A, KHS-400B, KHS-400C, and KHS-400R.  We carry flybacks for most TV and monitor flybacks. Part numbers 240619, 241319, 257807, 237506, 257151, 257808, 239111, 223952, 261162, 8-598-994-00, 242253102601 are in stock.

Sony DVD optical pickups for KSS210A, KSS210B, KSS213B, KSS213C, KSM220, KSM240 and KSM250. We have a range of JVC Optima series including Optima150S.



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Video and BetaCam Heads

RCA and Mitsubishi splitters. RCA Part 920P00501 & 920P00502.
Mitsu part 205064, 213986 & 208436.


Asti can carry your any of you video needs   If you do not see your product listed call us and we can track it down. Send us a message and tell us your ideas!

Keep that old vcr or BetaCam running with clean crisp video. We are almost out of the following replacement video heads:

We have a wide selection of parts for the following manufacturers:

Aiwa, Akai, Astra, Audiovox, Aventura, Blocksonic, Burle, Canon, Capehart, Carrera, Chyugai, Citizen, Colortyme, Colt, Crest, Crest Elects, Crosley, Curtis-Mathes, D-A, Daewoo, Daytron, Diebold, Digi Spec, Dumont, Dynatech, Electrohome, Elisa, Emerson, Fisher, Funai, Gbc, General Electric, Go Video, Goldstar, Gyyr, Harley Davidson, Hitachi, Ikegami, J.C. Penny, Javelin, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Koyo, Kto, Kyocera, LG, Lloyds, Logik, Magnavox, Marantz, Memorex, Microsoft, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Montgomery Ward, Multi-Tech, Navco, NEC, Nikon, Nsc, Olympus, Orion, Panasonic, Pelco, Pentax, Philco, Philips, Pilot, Portavideo, Portland, Quasar, Randix, Rca, Realistic, Ricoh, Sampo, Samsung, Sansui, Sanyo, Scott, Sears, Sensormatic, Sharp, Shintom, Sony , Sylvania, Symphonic, Tatung, Teac, Teknika, Thompson, TMK, Toshiba, Totevision, Ultrak, Vector Research, Vicom, Video Concepts, Xr-1000, Zenith


click here for a complete list of Asti Part numbers with links to product specifications.