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Asti Product Specifications

Asti Product Number: 271

Product Description:
Video Head (4 Head HIFI)

Primary Manufacturer Replacements:

The Primary Manufacturer may not match your current model. Frequently, manufacturers will use replacement parts from other suppliers. Refer to the part number or model number.

List of relevant part numbers or model numbers:
HR-D750U, HR-D930U, HR-D920U, HR-D910U, HR-D875U, HR-D870U, HR-D865U, HR-D860U, HR-D850U, HR-3309, HR-D830U, HR-DX62U, HR-D7000U, HR-D570U, HR-D530U, HR-D5000U, HR-D470U, HR-D1940, HR-D1860UM, HR-D183U, HR-D1830, HR-D840U, VR-3300, VRJ-425HF, VRG-520HF, VRG-250, VRF-610HF, VRF-510HF, VRE-510HF, VRD-700HF, VRD-600HF, VRD-530, HR-D940U, VRD-350, HR-D990U, VR-2300, VR-9162AT01, VR-9160, KV-D937HF, KV-936HF, HR-VP66U, HR-S7000U, HR-DX64U, HR-VP65U, VRD-510,

Technical Notes
Problem: Half picture, usually top half is good, bottom half is either noise or no signal. In addition, the position shifts when cassette is ejected and re-inserted.
Fix: Replace defective capacitor on lower drum. 3.3/25v

Asti specializes in TV, Monitor, and Projection flyback transformers and splitters; DVD and CD optical pickup lenses (laser pickup); and video heads for camcorder, Betacam, Betamax, VHS, S-VHS, HiFi, Timelapse, etc. If you don't find what you are looking for, call a product specialist.